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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2008|04:02 pm]
Please help these hatchlingsCollapse ) get their wings.

And if you can spare some clicks for the eggieCollapse )

Thank you so much. I'm off to ninja now. Have a great day. :-)
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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2008|11:58 am]
My sweet lil eggsCollapse )

My adoptive hatchlingsCollapse )

And thank you for helping KemeCollapse ). He grew up during Servergeddon thanks to all your help.

Don’t worry I’m always lurking and ninja clicking.

Thank you very much in advance for all clicks.
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Eggs Test [Aug. 12th, 2008|09:10 am]
So proud of my bundles of joy.Collapse )
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Testing testing 123. This still on? [Aug. 11th, 2008|01:58 am]
[Current Location |Home]
[Current Mood |depresseddepressed]
[Current Music |None]

1 Taken a picture naked? Yes
2. Made money illegally? No
3. Had a one night stand? Yes
4. Been in a fist fight? No
5. Slept with your best friend? No
6. Had sex in a public place? Yes
7. Ditched work to have sex? No
8. Slept with a member of the same sex? Yes
9. Seen someone die? No
10. Ran from the police? No
11. Woke up somewhere and not remember how you got there? No
12. Worn your partners unmentionables? Yes
13. Fallen asleep at work? Yes
14. Used toys in the bedroom? Yes
15. Ran a red light? Yes
16. Been fired? Yes
17. Been in a car accident? Yes
18. Pole danced or done a striptease? No
19. Loved someone you shouldn't? No
20. Sang karaoke? Yes
21. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Yes
22. Laughed so hard you peed your pants? Yes
23. Caught someone having sex? No
24. Kissed a perfect stranger? No
25. Shaved your partner? Yes
26. Given your private parts a nickname? No
27. Ever gone in public without underwear? Yes
28. Had sex on a roof top? Yes
29. Played chicken? No
30. Mooned/flashed someone? Yes
31. Do you sleep naked? Yes
32. Blacked out from drinking? No
33. Felt like killing someone? No
34. Had sex more than 5 times in one day? Yes
35. Been with someone because they were in a band? No
36. Taken 10 shots of liquor in a day? Yes
37. Shot a gun? Yes
38. Gone outside naked? No
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(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2006|12:55 am]
[Current Mood |awakeawake]

Ok so time for am update I suppose.

Lets see…

Friends: Collapse )

Work: Collapse )

Home: Collapse )

Family: Collapse )

Relationships: Collapse )

Other:Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jun. 7th, 2006|02:29 pm]
[Current Mood |blankblank]
[Current Music |Ironickly enough "I would die for you"]

Ok ok ok.... I give up. Party is CANCLED this fri. My tweeker other boss never payed me so ya NO funds for a party. I'll probubly still go to the bar for the heck of it but the rest of the day is getting caned.

I'm not to upset though. Celebrated at Ren Faire last weekend and it was awsome and last Monday at the bar was Kick @$$!!!!!!!

Anyway I'll post again soon get stuff to tell about but not right now...
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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2006|09:12 pm]
[Current Location |Gunnars place]
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]
[Current Music |Shhh... He's sleeping]

Your Ultimate Purity Test 2.0 Score Is...
Your Score:Average For All UsersAverage For All Straight Liberal Single Pink-Skinned 22 to 28-Year old Females
(186 total)
Dating15.38%34.08%26.9%Gone steady
Self-Lovin'30.3%61.74%61.51%When I think about you - or anyone - I touch myself
Shamelessness43.55%77.89%73.41%Puts 'em on the glass
Sex Drive45.24%75.72%71.33%I got needs, baby, you gotta unnastan'!
Straightness5.56%40.26%25.67%Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness16.67%79.05%86.12%Makes Dr. Frank-n-Furter look tame
Dominant68.33%87.37%87.6%Not afraid to tie the knot
Submissive65.08%87.72%85.44%Bound and gagged a few times
Fucking Sick71.43%90.28%88.67%Dipped into depravity
Total Score44.68%74.39%71.81%
Take The Ultimate Purity Test 2.0
and see how you match up!

(By The Ferrett)
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YAY!!!!!!!! [May. 23rd, 2006|03:06 am]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

I will be celibrating all day
Friday June 9th

The celebration will go as follows...

11:00pm - 2:00pm The Palace of The Legion Of Honor in San Francisco

3:30pm - 7:00pm Bowling at Double Decker Bowling ally in Rohnert Park

7:30pm - 8:30pm Dinner at Anatolias on 4th st in Santa Rosa

9:00pm - 2:00pm The Trophy Room Bar in Santa Rosa

PS this has been rescedualed dew to lack o funds but I get payed right before the 9th.
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Swipes from Carin and runs off........ [May. 21st, 2006|04:07 am]
[Current Location |Home]
[Current Mood |mellowmellow]
[Current Music |None getting reddy for bed]

Read more...Collapse )
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Took a walk on the freeway today... [May. 19th, 2006|04:13 pm]
[Current Mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[Current Music |Whatever Carin has playing...]

Heh Ummm... Ya.

Ran out of gass on the freway again and no one could save my but so.... I walked to the nearest gass station (right by cotting town) and got some gass walked back to my car and couldn't make the gass go IN the car... Finaly got it to work after getting gass on my pants and all over my hands. I'm ok now got about a quorter tank in my car. So um ya.

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